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Scholastic Learn From Home

Learning From Home

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Scholastic Learn at Home

Practical Life Classwork

Practical Life

For young children, there is something special about tasks which an adult considers ordinary such as washing dishes, polishing shoes, pouring water, grinding coffee beans etc. They are exciting to children because these tasks allow them to imitate adults. Imitation is one of the strongest urges during children’s early years. These activities also help the development of large to fine motor skills of young children.

Sensorial Classwork


The sensorial materials in Montessori classroom help children to distinguish, to categorize, and to relate new information to what they already know. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that this process is the beginning of conscious knowledge. It is brought about by the intelligence working in a concentrated way on the impressions given by the senses.

Mathematics Classwork


Children in a Montessori class never sit down to memorize addition and subtraction facts. They never simply memorize multiplication tables. Rather, they learn these facts by actually performing the operations with concrete materials.

These various beautiful mathematics materials:
  1. attract children’s learning interest.
  2. with their built-in control of error, enables to help children’s self-learning and build up their self-esteem.
  3. with the sensorial design, enables to help children learn mathematics in an active, stimulated, and fun way.

Examples are:

  • Montessori teachers use Sandpaper numbers to introduce symbols (numbers) to children and use counters to represent concept of quantity.
  • Children can also visualize numbers when they are working with the number rods.
  • Montessori teachers use golden beads to introduce the decimal system from a single bead unit to a line of ten, a square of a hundred and a thousand cube.
Language Classwork


In a Montessori classroom, children learn the phonetic sounds of the letters before they can learn the alphabetical names in a sequence. The phonetic sounds are given first because there are the sounds they hear in words that they need to be able to read.

The children first become aware of these phonetic sounds when the teacher introduces the consonants with the Sandpaper Letters.

The purpose of studying the phonetic system instead of the alphabet is not to push children to be able to read at an early age.  It is to help children to build up the concept and foundation of "how to sound out the word" by looking at the words.  This specially helps them to sound out the words that are larger.

Geography Classwork

Geography and Culture

The large wooden puzzle maps are among the most popular activities in the classroom.
At first, children use the maps simply as puzzles. Gradually, they learn the names of the continents, countries as well as culture, food, climate, animals and languages. This helps to raise their consciousness about other people, to gain an understanding, awareness, respect, and compassion for all the people in the world.

Science and Nature

Science and Nature

Children are introduced to science and nature mainly through theme work. In science, the children’s natural curiosity is stimulated through discovery projects and experiments, helping the children draw their own conclusions. The plant and animal kingdoms are studies in an orderly fashion to foster a love and appreciation for all living things.

Arts and Crafts Classwork

Arts and Crafts

From time to time, we offer children art and craft activities. Children also have freedom to explore their imagination a variety of mediums used in our classroom for expression. The importance of the process is stressed at this time not the end product.

Music and Movement

Music and Movement

Music is fundamental in our classroom. All types of music are integrated. We play instrument, we sing along with the music, and we dance together in the circle time. Children naturally feel happy in the music session while their mind and body are being relaxed at the same time.