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I have only superb things to say. First, the educational component is excellent. My daughter has been there just over a year and she comes home daily surprising me with what she has learnt - from her alphabet to her numbers to songs. If I had known about Cloverdale Montessori before, I would have sent my son and I would not be so concerned with his learning right now.

The educators are very knowledgeable and personable. They touch base every afternoon and let you know how your child is progressing and works closely with any problems you might have with your child.

My daughter loves going there. She started out part time and very quickly within a few weeks wanted to go everyday! I only wish she could continue next school season but sadly she is starting kindergarten.

~ Jennifer Jomphe

First off I would like to say that I have had three kids that have attended Frances's program. I was looking for something that would cater to my twins different leaning styles. They started with her when they were 3 and have continued for the last two year. I then had my little one start at almost 3 and she will be attending again this upcoming September.

First and foremost I would like to say what a wonderful woman Frances is. Obviously this is my first experience with a teacher, but I couldn't have asked for a better one. She is very emotionally connected to the students as well as understands their individual academic needs. My twins have very different learning styles and she has been able to adapt the program to each of them. With her guidance as well as the other teachers they have let all three of my children thrive. My littlest one just turned three in December and is already telling me the days of the week, continents, counting and tracing letters and numbers with accuracy. She has a way with the children that is very natural. Her compassion for teaching as well as being a mom herself gives her a good grasp on what kids need.

I would not give a second thought to recommending Frances' s Montessori program as she is dedicated and self invested in teaching children what they will need to be successful in the school years to come. I feel my children will be well prepared and be able to settle in to the kindergarten routine with minimal issues. They will be well ahead of the basics taught and focused on in regular kindergarten as well as socially equipped to make new friends and understand how to focus and be on task in a leaning environment.

I hope this as given you an idea of what kind of learning facility she is running. Also I hope it has eased your mind in making this decision. I know it was hard for me but I really don't think I could have made a better choice.

~ Amanda Anderson

We have 2 girls (Addison 7 and Cameron 4). Cameron is currently in her second year of preschool at the Sundance location, and Addison was at the Cloverdale class for 2 years for her preschool.

They also go to the Sundance location for daycare in the summer for a few days a week.

Our experience has been outstanding. Addison was always a little ahead in learning and this school kept up with her! I believe it made for an excellent transition to kindergarten, and fostered her desire to learn, as well as develop her social and listening skills.

Cameron on the other hand is a little slower in learning (she has hydrocephalus) this is why she is in full-time preschool (where her sister only went 3 days a week). The small class size and more one on one teacher time has made a world of difference for Cameron. Ms Frances and I are in contact often which keeps my mind at ease. I know where Cameron is struggling, and I know where she is doing good. I have spent time in the classroom and it is a very calm and friendly environment. I am very happy to recommend her classes, my girls love being there, and I am very happy with the care, attention, and skills they are receiving while in Ms Frances' care.

~ Jessica Patterson

My husband and I made such a good decision to put our daughter into the Cloverdale Montessori School! Our daughter, who is a very "grown-up" seeming 5 year old due to having been born early in the year, had initially been attending preschool at the local rec centre and it wasn't long before we realized that she needed something more. More structure, more learning and more skill development. This lead us to the Cloverdale Montessori. She has been there almost 2 years and is thriving. She has always been independent and intelligent, she just needed a good place to focus her high energy levels into something more productive. She has blossomed into such a self sufficient, compassionate and understanding young girl. She is more than ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. Our 2 year old is already enrolled for the fall class with Cloverdale Montessori and we are eager to watch her grow and prosper in the excellent learning environment provided by the Cloverdale Montessori School. THANK YOU so much for everything!!!!!

~ Jessica & Steve Patterson

My son has been attending Cloverdale Montessori School for the last year in the extended preschool program. He amazes me everyday with the skills and knowledge he is gaining from being at the school. Ms. Frances has a way of bringing kids out of there shell and speaking their language. He has gone from a timid, shy little boy to a much more confident outgoing one. The focus on respect, caring and friendship while learning fundamentals is exactly what I was looking for. I could not be more proud of the little boy my son is becoming, and so much of that is owed to Ms. Frances and the staff at Cloverdale Montessori School.It’s obvious the amount of one on one time he gets in the classroom and the benefits of attending a smaller school. It has been the perfect learning environment for him, allowing him to progress at his own speed. The positive connections and experiences he has had with all of his teachers and with the other students is exactly the way I wanted him to start his educational path.

~ Holly Klashinsky

Child doing classwork

School was a great place for our son to learn and thrive. The level of one-on-one attention is very effective and the teaching was focused on his unique individual needs, which was important to our family. Children do not get ‘lost in a crowd’ here. He is very ready to start full day kindergarten in the fall, with many thanks to teacher Frances. And now his baby sister can’t wait for her turn to go to preschool!

~ Kim Cox

Child doing classwork

Our daughter has been attending Cloverdale Montessori since she was 2.5. It was an emotional transition as our daughter did not experience the greatest daycare environments. Since the very first day of meeting Ms Frances, I knew that she would be in great hands.

Ms Frances and staff treat their students as if they were family. They want to see your children succeed & challenge themselves and grow into the little people that we are proud of. Not only has my husband and I seen our daughter grow up to be a nice happy young lady but she is smart, social and yet has learned about boundaries, respect and the fundamentals of her education.

Now entering Kindergarten our daughter has surpassed all expectations. She can read, write, verbally spell words, and count. Teachers are very important in our children’s lives, and when you get to share years with an extraordinary teacher like Ms Frances, it is hard to say goodbye.

Ms Frances is one of the best teachers I have ever met. Not only has she taught my child, but she has also taught me about the different mental stages in my daughter’s life, which in turn has made me a better mother.

As the next huge step in our daughter’s life starts in September, it saddens me to not be part of this wonderful school every day. With baby #2 on its way... we will be back in 2014! Thank you Ms Frances for a great 2.5 years!!!!

~ Harrisons

Children outdoor activity

After-school care is an important extension of our children's education and choosing the right school was easy for me. My youngest started at Cloverdale Montessori in 2007 at age 5 and his older brother in 2008 at age 10. Ms. Frances brought my boys 'out of their shell' to overcome their timid nature and learn to share friendships and have fun with all the children -- boys & girls -- from toddler to 12.

I value the school's emphasis on respect, kindness, friendship and effort while nurturing their creative side and encouraging them to try new ideas. The principles and ideals of Montessori and the commitment of Ms. Frances combine to create a happy and structured environment that my children truly enjoy!

~ The Richards